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Berkeley Bionics

This emerging med-tech company, formed in partnership with the University of California at Berkeley, makes bionic exoskeletons that enable paraplegic people to walk.

I began working with them as they prepared to launch the first prototype. They had no marketing department at all. As Interim CMO, I built the marketing program and department, guided them to product launch, and prepared them for the FDA approval process.

In 9 months, I

  • Worked with engineering and PR departments to develop a strategy and timeline for public launch. 
  • Designed and produced all branding materials: logo, slogan, website, investor presentations, posters, banners, and swag.
  • Worked with executives and PR to design and implement the Test Pilot program. We recorded trial participants’ first experiences using eLegs to create rich media, videos, and content for social media. These detailed, first-person test pilot accounts were instrumental in generating public excitement and support.
  • Worked to secure the CEO a speaking spot at TEDxSanAntonio, and created the presentation. This led to an invitation to present at the larger, national TED conference, generating a ton of other opportunities and earned media visibility.


  • Berkeley Bionics logo
  • Berkeley Bionics 8 ft. tall sign
  • Berkeley Bionics 18-ft. wide poster
  • Berkeley Bionics before website
  • Berkeley Bionics after website
Julie Gomoll 
Integrated Marketing Strategist & Designer in Austin, TX