• Designing for an ADHD Audience
  • Digital Rights Management and Document Security
  • Entrepreneur Roundtable
  • Successful Networking for Introverts, Rebels, and Misfits

RISE Austin

  • Implementing a Cross-Channel Digital Strategy
  • Social Media in the Real World
  • Room for Improvement


  • Room for Improvement
  • Real-world UX/UI
  • Getting what you want from your blog

Women in Communications

  • Creating a digital agency
  • Social Media Ecosystem

Texas State University PR Class

  • PR Class: Blogging & Social Media 101

International Television Association

  • Implementing a Cross-Channel Digital Strategy

General Assembly UX Design Class

  • Real World: Professional Opportunities in the UX/UI Field

LBJ School of Public Affairs

  • Public Policy and the Internet

Metropolitan Breakfast Club

  • Social Media Ecosystem

Content Marketing Association

  • On the Hot Seat: Ask me anything about SEO

Innotech Austin

  • Workplace trends: Coworking & Telecommunting

Austin Women in Technology

  • Playing with the Big Dogs: Using Social Media to Compete Big Business
  • Implementing a Cross-Channel Digital Strategy


& Mentoring

Room for Improvement

Room for Improvement is basically rapid-fire website analysis. Each participant gets 15 minutes of analysis, and they’re all in the same room so they can learn for each other. Focus varies depending on the website, and may include feedback on design, messaging, branding, information architecture, UX/UI, SEO, marketing, and analytics. RFI is one of the most popular sessions each year at BlogathonATX. I’ve also run RFIs at RISE Austin and the Business Success Center?

City of Austin

Served as Mayor Kirk Watson’s Technology Advisor in 1999 & 2000.

Liberal Arts & Science Academy

Served as a mentor for students in the semester-long Digital Media program at Austin’s LASA high school.

Innovation Camp

Founded, produced, and sponsored this un-conference at Idea City in 2011.


Founded, produced, and sponsored one of the first-ever Mac web developers conference in 1995. Sold the conference after 2 years.

Julie Gomoll 
Integrated Marketing Strategist & Designer in Austin, TX