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Whole Foods

My marketing + digital agency, Go Media, began working with Whole Foods in 1988. Starting with heir very first newsletter, over 8 years we designed and produced print materials, signage, bags and shirts, packaging, and custom displays and fixtures for the Austin stores. 

Go Media was one of the first (if not the first) Austin agency developing websites in 1994. I knew they’d need a website, so I bought their domain and made my case.

“You really need aWorld Wide Website,” I explained to their marketing folks.

“A what?” they said. “No, we don’t need that.”

We built one anyway. It featured general store information and a directory of nutritional information for many of their products. The team at Whole Foods still wasn’t convinced, but gave us the go-ahead to publicize the site. When the Wall Street Journal gave it 6 column inches (Orgainic Goes Online!) they decided it was a good idea after all.

When Go Media was acquired by Excite, I made sure to negotiate the continuation of work for Whole Foods through the completion of the contract. We then helped them transition to a new vendor to ensure there was no disruption in the continued production of their marketing materials.

  • Newsletters - 1989, 1995
  • First website
  • First Wall Street Journal article
  • Second Wall Street Journal article
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